About Us

Founded in 1981 as Ursuline Center, Inc., Ursuline Senior Services, the not-for-profit agency has built a strong identity in the community by responding to pressing, yet mostly unmet, human needs. Over the years the agency has evolved and sharpened its mission focus to continue to provide and expand an integrated range of human service programs to address the physical, social, emotional and economic needs of seniors and adults who are experiencing challenges posed by life’s transitions.

In 2011, Ursuline merged with the Good Grief Center for Bereavement Support (GGC), an agency opened ten years earlier by Lulu Orr, to create a safe place where all who have experienced the pain of death may come to work through loss and learn to manage grief. Adding grief and bereavement support for all ages is a strong complement to Ursuline’s range of services, which include guardianship, protective services and service coordination.

In 2014, in response to its expanded range of services and a growing need in the community, the agency re-christened itself as Ursuline Support Services and adopted a new mission, vision, core value statement and strategic plan, focused on providing “help navigating life’s transitions.” While remaining committed to those traditionally served, Ursuline is intent on assisting as many individuals as possible and on extending its reach, both geographically and within the populations who need the kind of help the agency can provide.”